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Woven lashing belts are made of high tensile polyester yarns. The lashing can be re-tensioned in case of volume loss in the packaged goods and has a high breaking load, linear and within the system. Woven lashing belts will not splice, are flexible and universally applicable.

Cargo Securing Australia-Lashing

Due to the material characteristics woven lashing belts have low elongation (below 10%), is highly tear proof and absorbs very little moisture.

Cargo Securing Australia-Lashing

Lashing can be used to secure heavy products into a shipping container or products on to pallets for shipping.

  • No damage to most surfaces

  • No corrosion and easy handling

  • Low investment cost

  • High shock absorption

Cargo Securing Australia-Lashing
Cargo Securing Australia-Python Strap
Sizes we stock
  • 32mm x 125m roll in a dispenser bag - 3200kg Breaking

  • 50mm x 100m in a dispenser bag

  • 32mm x 250m loose in a box


To connect the lashing a belt/ladder buckle is used.

We also have hooks to suit.

Cargo Securing Australia-Buckles & Hooks
Cargo Securing Australia-Buckles & Hooks

We stock and can guide you to the correct companion buckle to strap.


B55 - Changeable Ratchet

B55 - Changeable Ratchet


Lashing Tool R50XXL
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